6 Reasons Why Cashless Health Insurance Is Great For You

Why Cashless Health Insurance should be seriously considered if you’re having a baby:

  1. It Is Easy: In most cases where the hospital is linked to the insurance company (i.e. is a “network hospital”), all you need to do is produce your medical insurance card at the time of admission and no one will bother you about bills and payments anymore. Insurance also covers emergency procedures such as an emergency C-section or blood transfusion.
  2. It Frees Up Money: In a traditional medical insurance setup, or, if it is a non-network hospital, you pay the hospital first and then redeem your bills from the insurance provider. In other words, you have to arrange for funds, which are essentially locked up for a period of time till you get them back as an insurance payout. When you go cashless, you can instead use your funds for other purposes. The next few months will indeed involve expenditures such as follow-up visits and vaccinations. You also avoid inevitable back-and-forth communication with the health insurance company and a mound of paperwork.
  3. It Frees Up Bonding Time: All new parents want is time to bond with their child. By using cashless health insurance, you, for once, don’t have to worry about keeping things in order. In the heady first days of parenthood, having to maintain a record of every single bill you receive from the hospital is a hassle that cashless medical insurance eliminates. You are also spared long queues at the Billing counter or return trips to collect receipts that fell through the cracks.
  4. It Makes Discharge Easier: Usually, from the time your doctor gives clearance for you to leave, it can take a full working day for you to actually leave the hospital. This is mostly on account of all the bills that need to be consolidated. However, with cashless health insurance, billing doesn’t concern you at all, so you could be let go much faster. This, however depends on how slow or fast internal departments move at your hospital of choice.
  5. It Isn’t More Expensive: Usually, a cashless medical insurance policy isn’t more expensive simply by virtue of letting you avail the facility. Most noted insurance companies offer this option as a service at no extra cost.
  6. It Makes Life Easier: If you anticipate a delivery with minimal to no support from friends and family, it is worthwhile to explore cashless insurance plans to take one BIG thing off of your mind. Just the comfort of knowing that you can simply walk out of the hospital, bundle of joy in hand, is a huge relief.

You may speak to your hospital’s administrative staff beforehand for more information about which insurance policies are linked through the cashless system. Even if your insurance provider is not directly linked to the hospital, you can still avail it for childbirth based on the provider’s policy guidelines.

Insurance often covers the newborn child for a period of a few months, or until they are registered under the parent’s medical policy. Insurance also covers  other medical emergencies during and just after childbirth.

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